Black Panther’s Daughter Sadie Barnette Transforms Her Fathers FBI Dossier in to a Work of Art

If you are familiar with the African American organisation ‘the Black Panther party’ you may be familiar with Black Panther member Rodney Barnette who was put under FBI surveillance back in the 60’s.

Who could have foretold that years later his daughter would create an art piece titled ‘My Father’s FBI File, Project II, out of the FBI’s 500 page dossier.


 Barnette (born 1984) is an American artist who works primarily with drawing, photography and large-scale.

I would describe her work as abstract with a fresh minimalist approach.


Her work is in the permanent collections of museums such as The Pérez Art Museum in Miami, the California African American Museum, and The Studio Museum in Harlem. She is represented by Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles and lives and works in Oakland, CA and Compton, CA.


Check out her website here –




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