Adrian Denton: London’s Increasing Gang Violence is Caused by Lack of Parental Awareness and Community Leadership

Another kid has been murdered in London…

According to the children’s commissioner there are currently 100,000’s of children living in poverty or high-risk family situations.

Many believe that this is the sole reason for the increase in gang-related activities carried out by teenagers.

While this may be a contributing factor it is also important to focus on the actual root of the problem.

I never came from poverty and my family was not in a high-risk situation yet my friends and I would often end up involved in what some might label as gang activity; therefore, it is stereotyping to state that only kids in poverty are more likely be involved in gang culture.

When parents of murder victims tell the newspapers that they just don’t understand why their well-behaved son was murdered because he was never in a gang, I understand their bewilderment.
A lot of these so-called dangerous gang members are just kids who got caught up in the wrong crowd and probably act completely different when they are at home with their family.


The main reasons for the increased gang violence in London is a lack of parental awareness and community leadership in an ever growing city that is fed by capitalism and materialism.

Some of the main primary social desires that exist in most people from all walks of life are to belong to a group, to be taken seriously and to be useful, so, it is no surprise that a child who is not led along the right path will seek the solution to his/hers social desires even if it means belonging to a dangerous gang.


The problem is many parents are unaware of the social needs of teenagers and most don’t realize their child is in a gang or connected to a gang until it’s too late.

I was never in an official gang although I did hang around people who ended up being murdered and some who are now in prison.

Some of them purposefully decided to live that lifestyle while others were sucked in to it because of people they knew.

I understand the boredom, the restlessness, frustration and anger of the wandering youth.

I understand how one silly moment of anger can turn in to a big mistake.

This is why teenagers need guidance and they need their parents to be aware of their social needs in their current environment.


The effects of gang culture must be decreased by the affected communities in which the negative activities are taking place.

If the youth are introduced in to a community that embraces their problems and opinions, supplies them with opportunities and respects them as contributing individuals of the next generation then we can lower the amount of kids entering in to gangs.

Children need to feel that they have a chance to make it in the big world and I fear some kids don’t realize that the world stretches past their  city and that they could be anything they wanted to be, anywhere in the world.



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