Writer of the Week- Christopher Priest A.K.A Jim Owsley

Christopher James Priest, a.k.a Jim Owsley, a.k.a Priest, is an American writer who is known for being the first African-American editor of mainstream comics.

He first began writing for Marvel’s ‘Falcon’ comics and was also assigned as editor for the ‘Spider-Man’ comics during the mid-80’s.


During the mid-90s he contributed his experience and talent towards DC’s subsidiary company, Milestone Media.
Milestone Media was formed by a coalition of African-Americans and included comic artist’s Denys Cowan and Michael Davis.

After a decade-long absence from comics, he returned in 2014–2015 to write a Quantum and Woody miniseries for Valiant Comics.
He was chosen to write the DC Rebirth version of Deathstroke in 2016 and became the writer for Justice League in December of 2017.

Priest has also contributed a story to the Black Panther Annual #1, released in February 2018.

Priest currently serves as a Baptist pastor in Colorado Springs.




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