Interview with Author: Kester Grant

Q: A Court of Miracles on Goodreads?

Yes! Add it to your TBR list here

Q: Where can I pre-order A Court of Miracles?

Nowhere yet! I shall keep ya’ll posted.

Q: When is A Court of Miracles being published?

ACOM will be published in the United States and Canada in 2019 by Knopf, Random House, and in the UK by Harper Voyager, and a whole bunch of other countries that are listed on the BOOKS page. I don’t have anything more specific on a month, day, or international pub dates yet but I will try to share them as I receive them.

Q: Is A Court of Miracles the first in a series?

ACOM is the first in a trilogy. Book 2 is scheduled for publication Fall 2019 and Book 3 in Fall 2020.

Q:How diverse is A Court of Miracles?

As a writer of color, representation is very important to me. I tried my best to introduce a diverse cast to the all-white narrative of Les Miserables, the main character of ACOM, Nina, is a POC and so are many of her compatriots. I also drew on my own personal experiences with prejudice surrounding religion, class and race to illustrate the contrasting societies of the diversity-rich Miracle Court, and the all-white nobility/royal court.

Q: What are your thoughts on Rudyard Kipling’s imperialistic world-view and Disney’s versions of the Jungle Book? 

As a Mauritian Indian-Creole whose great-great grandmother was brought from India as a slave, representation is very important to me. ACOM is not based on Disney’s Jungle Book rather it is based on Kipling’s original Jungle Book stories, subverting Kipling’s narrative to free it from its sometimes problematic roots.

Q: Enquiries about foreign rights, permissions, blurb requests, or other business stuff ? 

Please contact my agent JOSH ADAMS