FILMS BASED ON BOOKS: Trick Baby by Iceberg Slim

Iceberg Slim, the charismatic pimp turned author brought the gritty streets to the world of literature.

One of his most famous books, ‘Trick Baby’, tells the story of “White Folks,” a blue-eyed, light-haired, con-artist whose pale skin allows him to pass in the streets as a white man. Folks is tormented early in life, rejected by other children and branded a “Trick Baby,” the child conceived between a hooker and her trick. Refusing to abandon his life in the ghetto and a chance at revenge, Folks is taken under the wing of an older mentor, Blue.


In 1972 Trick Baby was brought to the screen as a Blaxploitation-style film; directed by Larry Yust and starring Kiel Martin and Mel Stewart.

The movie was produced with a $600,000 budget and was produced independently.

Universal Pictures bought the film for 1 million dollars and the movie grossed 11 million dollars at the US box office.
The cast was not well known before the movie’s release.